A simple word with profound consequences. It fell into my consciousness as I contemplated the photograph I took a couple of years ago, on the banks of the River Coquet. I have used fishing imagery and boats, in other blogs; it is a rich vein of reflection!

The design of the boat goes back over a 1000 years, so it has clearly stood the test of time! The gospels are full of fishing stories, and one in particular, dropped into my mind. This is the account at the end of John’s Gospel, of the Risen Jesus, directing the disciples where to cast their net.

They were pretty much without hope, having just witnessed the crucifixion and had gone back to fishing. Into the middle of this the risen Jesus appears by the shore, unrecognised by his greiving friends. He simply directs them to throw the net onto the other side of the boat. Within minutes the net was at bursting point. Immediately John and then the other disciples, recognised Jesus. Hope was restored, God’s love was stronger than death, and the twists and turns of life.

The boat in the photograph speaks of continuity and adaptability. Faith is similar; it anchors us and allows us to adapt and change as we take our life’s journey, from the past into the present and on into the future.

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