Moving on

Birds on the wire a few months ago. Thousands of miles away now, in warmer climes. What incredible creatures they are! I had to take this photograph because it just seemed to say so much about the whole thing about ‘moving on’. Preparing, pondering, planning, taking the step, embracing the moment.

Our days are full of moving on moments. Often the moving on is imperceptible and barely noticed, occasionallyit is something unplanned and life chnging. How we react in these times perhaps says something about us and our ability to trust ourselves, and indeed others.

There is an innate compulsion for the swallows, to move from the colder climes of northern Europe to the warmer climes in more southerly parts. It is an absolutely fascinating journey for them, and an incredible act of navigation.

We each of us navigate our own journies through life, but I have been blessed to know that the Holy Spirit of God accompanies me, even in the worst moments. Often, it is just taking the step and trusting, and to be honest being aware of the presence the Holy Spirit, even in the uncertain times.

Whether a swallow or human, we each inhabit the created world and experience the love of God which passes all understanding, and which accompanies us on our journies.

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