We live in a world of boundaries. As we were out walking yesterday afternoon I spotted these two posts connected by a single rail. I’ve passed this way many times before, but never really reflected on this rather odd occurence.

During the past months we have all got used to the boundaries that Corona virus imposes on us. There is always a need for boundaries, both internally and externally. The interesting thing about this boundary is that it doesn’t appear to be serving any purpose. It is stucj in the middle of a dune, surrounded by Marram Grass and appearing not to be doing anything. I want to belive that at sometime it did serve a purpose, which has now been lost. I can make up as many possible scenarios as I want, but it is all pure conjecture.

The problem is I’m focussing on the ‘fence’ rather than looking at what is around and beyond it. This is a good illustration of what faith is. We can get obsessed with the complications of faith and boundaries, and fail to see what is around us. Sometimes the most obvious of things.

For me, God is always the God of suprises. This is because God is not encompassed by boundaries. But as humans we can become too focussed on the fence! Which serves no purpose, apart from diverting our attention from the reality, which is all around us!

So don’t get hung up about the fence!!! Step out and be suprised at what lies beyond your self imposed boundary!!

Don’t be a fence sitter, be an explorer….

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