Bobbing about….

Just doing what Eider ducks do! Being ducks! They got the nickname ‘Cuddy’s ducks’ because of their close association with St Cuthbert, during his sojourn in near solitude on Inner Farne off the Northumbrian Coast.

They are an all year round presence in the waters around here, and in a strange way provide some kind of connection with the early days of Christianity in these parts.

We live in a time of uncertainty and there are no easy answers to the problems that face us. Strangely, the presence of these ducks whose ancestors can be traced back to the early days of Christianity and beyond, give some reassurance. Cuthbert lived prayed, worked and influenced long ago, but his influence is still palpable both here and beyond.

There is an elegant simplicity in the life of the eider, mirrored by the life of Cuthbert. This for me goes to the heart of faith for any of us, For a long time we have tried to make faith complex and difficult to fathom. It is, essentially, simple.

I have no idea where you would place yourself on the journey of faith, and to be frank, it’s as unique to you as it is to me. So try not to over think or worry. It may help you occupy some time, but probably won’t get you anywhere!

Just take a moment to consider what is around you and/ or within you, and in a simple act of faith, offer who you are, to the one who is closer to us than we often are to ourselves! Bob about a bit, take a leaf from the book of Eider!!

Blessings and peace be with you….always.

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