The process….

My apologies for the lack of a blog yesterday; three services from 8am-12pm meant that I was unable to articulate anything coherent!!!

It’s just over 9 months since I started the blog and to be honest I never thought that it would still be happening by this point in the year. I have really valued comments from those of you who follow my ‘Musings’.

Some have asked me about the process of writing, and to be honest I’m not certain whether I have one! Apart from the initial tracking down of an image from my own photographic collection, which particularly resonates in my heart and soul on that particular day. Following that moment of choice, I generally go with the flow of thoughts, and hope that something of what spills out of my consciousness, resonates with any who read the blog.

The photograph above was taken during the height of a storm yesterday afternoon. What struck me was the rainbow, seemingly ‘shepherding’ the light on the horizon; light to the left and darker clouds to the right. It is an illustration of the hope and fear which we have all been dealing with through the past year; both personally and collectively.

I have a profound sense that God wants us to see differently as we move into a new year; a process which is unique to each of us. I’ll try and explore what are just embryonic thoughts at the moment, so do bear with me!

Peace, grace and thankfulness rest upon you as you walk your own journey.

One thought on “The process….

  1. Thank you Barrie for 9 months of blog. Your thoughts have often resonated with me. The honest sharing of your own faith journey helps me realise that my moments of weakness are not unusual but reflect the times when we readjust and remind ourselves of God’s promises. The rainbow reminds us of those promises. Evelyn and I send you and Helen blessings for the New Year and look forward to meeting up soon.


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