and hear the…..

Thank you to those who spotted the curious ending to yesterday’s blog! I was sure that I had read it through when completed, but clearly missed the ending. Some have added their own.

The photograph above was taken during the summer, as the sun set…. an ending.

But also the beginning! We are in curious times, where all the old certainties are beginning to change. It can be massively unsettling, with a daily diet of news and figures and predictions. We can find ourselves lost in the many inputs that assail our senses.

The lack of an ending on yesterday’s blog seems to have prompted lots of thinking, but with perhaps no clear cut answers. We have to allow ourselves to be OK with this. Faith is not about certainty, it is about trust. This starts with hearing; be it audible, or heart felt, or a mix of sensory inputs, including our soul.

My experience and observation is that our relationship with God is as unique as we are. This should be an encouragement to each of us! It is not ‘one size fits all’, or ‘my way is better than yours’ .

Being a ‘beginner’ is no bad thing, because it keeps us grounded, and allows us ‘to hear the…’ !!!!!

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