Waiting and hoping….

5 days into the New Year and I’m using a picture of blue poppies! Have I taken leave of my senses? Probably! As I quickly ran through my photo albums, with the rain pouring down outside I couldn’t resist this riot of colour.

It was taken in another time and another place and to be perfectly honest it drew my attention and I just had to offer it! A reminder that there is alway something suprising just around the corner…even if it’s a few months away. The pandemic has changed how we see our days and weeks. Planning becomes difficult, and we learn to live with what we have in the moment.

Here are some words, recorded a few thousand years ago, and to be found in Psalm 39, verse 7; ‘And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you.’ Hope is a very powerful feeling, emotion, sense. It will speak to each of us uniquely. Waiting is a difficult thing, and we are asked to wait often, in these days.

These words from Psalm 39 verse 7 speak of living each moment, because it is in the waiting that we find and understand hope. A small word with a massive effect in our lives. If I ask you the question, ‘What do you hope for?’ there will be as many answers as there are responders; and the response will change and move during the day, depending on internal and external inputs.

The Psalmist is having a conversation with God, in their head. The bottom line leads us to the idea that hope rests in faith. Uncertainty can be a constant companion, but it is not necessarily a negative feeling or thought pattern.

Simply saying the words, verbally or inwardly, and ‘chewing over’ their meaning can move us in different directions; indeed perhaps, suprising places.

Blessings be upon your journey!!

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