Moving and changing

I heard the noise from the flock of geese, before I saw them, a couple of days ago. Slowly, as my eyes became accustomed to the clouds and light, the ‘strings’ of geese could be seen to be masters of the air!!

Constantly changing and seemingly embracing the joy of movement, as they negotiated the eddies of the air.

Sound, echoing across

the firmament.

Wing beats brushing the air,

and moving and changing

the strings and sounds

of the symphony of praise.

Driven onwards with purpose,

expectancy and an inner


Creation and creator

in harmony and bond.

Look, see and hear

by all means; but take a moment

to stop, rest, and breathe out

your anxious thoughs.

Offer them

and let the Creator bear them away

on the wing beats of the skein of


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