Gates and Shadows…

The play of light drew me to take this photograph. The mix of shadows and light, illumination and darkness, just seemed to speak to me about the times we have and are passing through.

I’m sure that the days and months ahead will have many twists and turns to deal with. My reason for starting this blog in March last year was to try and express what was in my heart and mind as the pandemic unfolded. I am no expert or seer into the future.

Many times as I write, I have no clear idea of how the blog will unfold. I look through photographs I have taken and generally something catches my eye and promts my thinking. Sometimes nothing resonates and I have to walk away and come back in another moment.

I am sometimes conscious of the prompting of God’s voice in the moments of thinking, other times I reach out into a fog, or darkness, with a hint of light if I’m lucky. But often that is enough and something is felt or heard, that gives me something to follow and write.

My hope, each time I write, is that something is given to each person who reads what I offer. A sense, a word, a phrase or thought, another way of ‘seeing’. Often the photograph is enough, and words can be intrusive.

Gates and shadows, speak of hope and fear, the possibility of new paths and the familiarity of a well worn route.

The compass point is for me, the Spirit of God. The one who is endlessly suprising, and moving us and changing our perspective. Faith, in a word!!

I pray for you as your journey unfolds in these days. May you know the comfort of gates and shadows, and the blessing of God’s Spirit in your heart.

Blessings and Peace,


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