So many questions! The world seems overwhelmed by the need for answers. Where do we find these elusive answers? We can search in our own consciousness, but if you are anything like me, I just hop onto a roundabout with a whirl of disjointed thoughts. Which sometimes is OK and other times is not helpful.

This juxtaposition of a speed bump, an icy road, curb and unkempt grass, speaks into my thought life. In other words; CONFUSING!!! Turn on the news, or follow online or from an actual visceral newspaper, and it can leave one feeling bewildered and uncertain.

Faith in God does not always help us in these moments, because we can often bring our own preconceived feelings, senses and ideas into the mix. The inner noise within each of us, simply just drowns out stillness, and our perception of God.

So am I just simply recommending that we give up and bury our heads in a book or watch our flat screen TV?

Well no,,,is my answer. The photograph gives a clue. Each element seems disconnected from the others, and as a whole it’s all a little strange and difficult to place in a context. But if we concentrate on each element it doesn’t seem so mad.

In those moments during the day when we might feel a little confused or overwhelmed, try to focus on the simple, rather than the complex. The answer may be more obvious than you care to believe! And far more surprising!

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