‘I will pour out my Spirit…

Well actually, the Aysgarth Falls in North Yorkshire. But there are lots of places in the Bible where we read of God pouring out the Spirit on all people! The words resonate with this photograph that I took about 3 years ago. The noise of the water was overwhelming and the power of the mass of water made me feel somewhat insignificant.

The words above speak to us of the generosity of God, in wanting to pour the life of his Spirit into our hearts.

Thunderous noise,

rushing tide, of limitless

water and blessing

of abundance…..

without end.

The Spirit of the Creator

knowing the beginning and ending

and embracing the pouring of

limitless grace

into your humble soul.

Not if, maybe, perhaps, when I get a moment..

Now in this thoughtful time

Not overwhelmed with fear,

but embracing the torrent

of love.

Poured out gracefully

to each and every one

nothing lost or missed,

or forgotten.

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