Jesus spoke a lot about water. Real and metaphorical. See how many times it crops up in his conversations and teaching. With 60% of an adult human body comprised of water, it’s a pretty inescapable reality. To be frank, I rarely think about it, but that doesn’t take away its importance for life and the functioning of the body.

It’s a key constituent in the maintaining of life on earth. Jesus had a way of weaving challenges into a call for action. In John’s Gospel, Chapter 7, verse 37, he makes an invitation…‘If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.’ Sounds a little ‘off the wall’ and challenging. That’s how he got people’s attention…how he’s got your attention as you hear those words!

This is unusual and slightly bonkers, I agree. If you or I spoke those words, I think we might be regarded as a little wierd! But here it is, and short of ignoring it, perhaps we need to take our thinking and our souls on a journey!

If I need a drink, whilst on a walk, I’ll either use the water I brought with me, or if unavailable, drink from the stream…thirst quenched.

But Jesus throws a massive spanner in the works….he suggests that he is the one to quench, what I can only call our ‘soul thirst..’ Through his words, our response and our trust. Which again, sets my mind racing…and calling out ‘how?’ I wouldn’t presume to give an answer, because actually this is beyond words. It reaches our soul which is beyond our conscious mind.

Take a step is the simple invitation of Jesus. Don’t sit on the sidelines…taste the ‘living water’ which he offers to all. Not some…all, even you and I!!!

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