Dog and human footprints, leaving tracks, low winter sun, and the tide on the turn. Enough said, perhaps! Less is more…..?

But the whole scene just spoke to me about the wanderings of my days and hours. Sometimes just wanting to sit down and contemplate, other times wanting to be moving and doing.

Contemplation is a very loaded word and much has been written about it. Sometimes, writers will use it as a means of talking about connecting with God, but the danger is, that it all becomes a bit complicated and serious. Not something that is accessible and encouraging.

For me, in my simple mind space, this beach view, captured a few days ago expresses all I want say! Walking, seeking, finding, impressions, light, darkness, hope, emptiness, hope, fear, tides and seasons……STOP!!

We each approach God in our own uniqueness, that’s why I’ve never found ‘How to…’ books on contemplation particularly unhelpful.

Tracks are about all I can offer in this moment. Whether they have a purpose, as in a physical walk, or they are visualised in our heads as we try to pray and connect.

Don’t worry, just take the step, and let the journey unfold! Tracks will come and go; it’s the journey that is the most important thing.

Blessings and peace be with you on your unique path….

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