Spot the sign post?! There it is pointing the way to somewhere, but surround by a forest that has been logged, except for trees that have been left behind. It’s a somewhat forlorn and odd scene to behold.

The sky and high clouds with the glimpse of the sea, offer the hope of light and illumination.

What ever journey we have found ourselves on during the pandemic has no doubt been one involving shadows and light, and perhaps a seeking for a guide or sign. We each of us need some kind of signpost to guide our path. It may not take us to the end of our journey, but all we need is a sense of purpose.

For me, I am always uplifted by the words of the risen Jesus; ‘See, I have placed before you an open door that no-one can shut….’ No ifs, ands or buts’. Take a step is the invitation. Trust the signpost is the subtext!!!

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