Open and shut

We all know the phrase, ‘An open and shut case’. I was prompted to reflect on it when came across this photograph the other day. I’m not entirely certain where I took the shot, but it made me think.

As with most of my blogs, I’ll head off down some highways and byways and try and make connections with my own thinking!

There is a sense of utter tranquillity; something that is a rare commodity in these days through which we pass. Think about that word, tranquillity, for a moment, how does it visualize itself in your own mental space? How would you describe tranquil moments that you have experienced. What are the elements that create tranquility?

I have to say, that for me, these moments arrive in unexpected ways. I no doubt took this photograph because I was part of a tranquil moment. The external inputs were simple, I was alone, and various elements came together; light, shade, darkness, peace,

I don’t want to add too many words at this point, I simply sense that the photograph will speak in its own way, into your heart and soul.

Thank you for continuing to access this blog. Your prayers and comments are very special and lift my soul. Please be assured of my prayers for you.

A final comment, that has just reached my conscious mind; if we were to close the shutter and keep out the light, would that be a negative or positive act? How would it change our perspective?

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