Shade and light. hope and fear, up and down, in and out, positive and negative….. the list could go on, but I’ll stop and save you the boredom!

I’ve used the word above and connected it to the photograph, simply because that’s what we seem to be passing through. Endings can have both negative and positive connections in our thought life. Faith allows us to see with a different perspective. It may not take away our fear, but it offers a guiding presence when all around seems difficult to understand.

Our days can be punctuated with lots of unputs, through news and commentary and diverese voices. Those moments during your day when you can sense the ending word popping into your thought space, are probabaly moments of opportunity. Just hear these words of the risen Jesus to his close friends, who were full of uncertainty and fear…..‘I am with you always…to the very end of the age…..’

Enough said!

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