Seeing the wood…..

Photo by Brandon Montrone on

How is it possible to see the wood from the trees?!! I find myself daily wondering about the way things are and the effect of the pandemic on our lives. I get lost in my own fears sometimes; other moments can be more positive…as I look at this photograph it proclaims the energy of life and growth, and the hand of the creator.

All is held nothing is lost, is what resounds in my thoughts as I write. The vibrancy of life. But always hanging around is the insidious movement of the pandemic. We are each held in a peculiar tension. Sometimes I want to verbalise my questions to God and find some response and answers. As I write this the conversation carries on. Other times I want to sit in a fog of confusion!

I think I’m slowly learning to live in each moment that I am given. In those noisy times when there is too much to process, I hear those words in the Hymn, ‘Dear Lord and Father; ‘speak through the earthquake, wind and fire, O still small voice of calm…

Perspective is what seeing the wood from the trees is. I pray that today, you might find stillness and calm and the peace that passes all understanding.


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