Up, up and away…

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Pexels.com

Hello! Thanks for taking a moment to read this reflection. Before the advent of Covid, I was learning to fly…aircraft, not Icarus style!! The whole perspective, once in the air in a small aircraft, was wonderful; particularly being able to fly over the Northumbrian landscape. For the past year lessons have stopped, but the yearning is still there!

In these days we pass through,, there are moments where we feel like being ‘up, up and away…!’… I’m sure!! I sense that for each of us, we need to learn to take each moment as it is given. Perspective is the thing. Jesus spent his time directing people to look around and live in the present. This is because otherwise we are always going to miss what is in front of us.

As you observe the photograph, just take a moment to absorb the scene. What feelings does it engender….does it ‘lift’ you…and why might that be?

I remember as a child believing that God was ‘up in the clouds’, and there’s no doubt that flying can be a spiritual experience! The good news is that God is closer to us than we are to ourselves..with both feet on the ground!

But enjoy the photograph and may your soul be nourished.

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