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When I first looked at this photograph, I saw only the tree and it’s refection in the water, with the landscape behind it. It was some moments later when I realised that in the top left was the full moon! I has completely missed it because I was focussed on the tree.

We may not be able to see the wood from the trees at times…but missing the moon?! It’s a parable of life I guess. We can get so fixated on particular hopes, fears and other distractions in life, that we miss the obvious, which may be right in front of us!!

The moon is small enough to miss, but obvious enough to see!!! It’s just easier to look at the dominant feature, or thought, and get fixated on that, rather than viewing the bigger picture.

There’s a simple learning opportunity here, staring us in the face. Always look beyond the obvious or the dominant. Life today can get us caught in a loop of negativity as we try to understand all that is unfolding.

Look beyond the dominant or obvious and you’ll see differently. The whisper of God in our hearts comes in many guises, and the visual sense is very powerful!

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