Vanishing point…

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on

Beginnings and endings reach to the heart of our lives. Sometimes minor, other times major. Predictable, random, suprising or planned. The photograph has a vanishing point, with a helpfully marked arrow on each side and lines to keep within. All is not what it seems, because on inspection, the car seems to have stopped and there is figure on the passenger side.

You can make your own story up! Please feel free! Other tracks lead off into the desert. When you look beyond the obvious or what seems like ‘the real’, more unfolds, and the vanishing point doesn’t seem so simple.

All this preamble, leads me to the point of today’s blog; that faith, however we look at it or define it, cannot be grasped or neatly understood. Basically because we are complex beings and the diversity we have is a reflection of the one who is the Creator.

Faith is a complex journey for each of us, and this is the challenge and the joy of every moment we live in. If life was easy and a case of heading from A to B we would fail to learn anything. Faith in God has always taken me off the beaten track, sometimes by choice, other times by God’s guiding hand.

I pray that you will know the strength of the Holy Spirit in the rough and the smooth moments…the straight highway and the dusty desert, where visibility may be poor, but where the ‘still, small voice’, calls us to make a step and trust!

The Lord bless you and keep you on your journey, wherever it takes you!

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