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O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek youmy soul thirsts for you,…..,,’

The opening words of Psalm 63, and the title of this reflection. Summer seems a long way past and a long walk to summertime 2021. Yet even a simple picture of the vibrant colours of a field of lavender can lift one’s spirit and fill the heart with gladness.

Perspective is a difficult thing sometimes. I can very easily ‘lose perspective’, which is why writing this today is helping me to find what is so easy to miss.

The Psalms are a rich vein of inspiriation, and seem to have an ability to speak into every moment. What captures my attention is that sense of seeking, as if God is just around the corner, or just out of sight, waiting to be found. A kind of divine ‘hide and seek’ ! What prompts the seeking, is as diverse as we are and as unique as we are!

The psalmist gives us a clue as to why the seeking is happening…something to do with a ‘soul thirst’, However you want to describe that for yourself! I find this very energising as I repeat the words in my consciousness. The seeking is not wishful thinking, or speaking into thin air! It is looking for the connection with the one who wants to be found!

The subtext is, that God will be found, and our inner thirst quenched! How this happens is utterly unique to each of us.

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