Photo by Dominika Greguu0161ovu00e1 on Pexels.com

I searched for a photograph of a church and snow….this is what was served up! The church is there, it has been snowing, and it got me thinking about lonliness.

I am conscious that we will each interpret this photograph from our own unique vantage point and personal challenges at this moment. There is a sense of abandonment in my reflection. It seems cut off from any community; alone in a landscape that seems to offer a profound longing for something different; light, heat, people, singing, prayers.

Churches in lockdown in many places; unable to be opened. No gathering, online worship. But the building represents something that goes beyond our limited vision. It is a reminder of moments of gathering and shared experience. Too often taken for granted, but making us think laterally, now that we can’t physically come together.

We have to allow ourselves moments during our day, to stop. Giving ourselves time to reflect on lonliness as part of our existence, and how these times can allow us to listen to the silence. Our silence. A meeting place with God, in our sacred space, deep in our souls….offered to each of us.

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