Random pattern

I took this shot a while back, but found it hiding among a group of photoraphs! I jusy had to give it an airing! A spire, a roof or two, and the most amazing sky. Clouds are endlessly fascinating; the vanishing point draws us ever onward and upward.

The more I look at the photograph, the more I see and reflect upon. The photograph is a moment in time, but my thinking, as I look at it, starts moving me in different directions.

It looks like the clouds have been gathered together, as you would with a bunch of flowers, and are being waved about by a creative mind. For no particular reason, apart from focussing my thinking about what type of clouds they are; how they are formed and how long they will last.

It makes me thankful, that the Creative God has so many ways to try and make us stop, look, observe, be inquisitive. The first words in the Bible are these;

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. There you have it. Not the answer at all, but the beginning of so many questions. We are sentient beings who have the ability to explore and question endlessly. God expects no less from us. The conversation will carry on for ever!!! Random patterns or the sign of a creative mind?

Take the plunge!

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