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I love the look of this foggy photograph. It adequately describes my thinking as I set to writing today’s blog! The picture is not foggy enough to obliterate the scene, but there is that sense of a ‘tipping point’ as the fog rolls in. But it may dissipate, and the scene would be transformed….take from it what you will!!

But truly, I do feel a tad ‘foggy’ as I write. It’s snowing outside, the waves are crashing as they roll into the bay, and the island is shrouded in mist. Reality connecting with mood!

It’s part of being human; succumbing to fogginess as we try to understand all that is unfolding! We want to live with certainty, but that is not always possible. So we end up in a state of ‘flux’. Sometimes, it is hard to stay in this state, because we want certainty in order to anchor us. My experience is that God walks with us ‘in the flow’, where there is no anchor readily available. This is OK. We are not left alone.

After Jesus’ resurrection the disciples ended up on a mountain top in Galilee, where Jesus met them in their confusion and ‘lostness’. His response to this moment is to reassure them; ‘Surely I am with you always to the very end of the age’

Be prepared to meet God in the uncertain, foggy times!!!

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