Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Words seem like an interruption, faced with the photograph I’ve used for this moment. It speaks about the tenaciousness of life; the ability of living things to adapt and change and find the elements for growth in the most unlikely of places or moments.

New life and growth is a wonderous thing to behold; each of us will have our own stories to offer. Those moments when we have felt that we cannot see the way ahead, but then impercertively the ‘green shoots’ break through the darkness, and draw us to the light.

God’s spirit is the universal ‘planter’; the grower of new possibilities, when the ground looks less than fertile! Think about those moments in your life when there has seemed to be no way forward. The possibilities look limited. Yet out of these times spring ideas which we could never have imagined previously. Changes which we may regard as fantasy., suddenly begin to grow; small shoots but with untold potential.

Take a moment to spot the small shoots; and expect God’s love to encouage the growth!

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