Photo by Genaro Servu00edn on Pexels.com

We will all have our own thoughts and definitions of the word, Wisdom. It doesn’t seem to be in common usage these days, perhaps because it has gone out of fashion or lost the power it once carried.

Libraries are repositories of collective human wisdom. The internet also has become a further place to discover wisdom, and much else beside! I am not going to define wisdom, because I feel inadequate to the task.

The word that goes with it is ‘understanding’, but even then we never quite reach the definition of Wisdom. Simply, wisdom seems to come from the heart of God, which makes it seemingly even more complex!.

Perhaps the answer is much more simple. We can look, and look and look, outside of ourselves, but wisdom actually might reside in our hearts and souls, which are held by God’s grace. Using a library can add to our undertanding of something, but wisdom seems to be of a different order; the thread that could potentially bind everything together.

I feel as though I’ve made things more confusing, but I simply offer you these words, in the hope that the wisdom of God would resound in your heart.

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