One step beyond.

Photo by James Wheeler on

It loooks like a bridge or a quay to nowhere; well in my mind it does! I love the photograph because it has so many elements. It holds the attention of the observer, as we try to pull together our individual understanding of its meaning.

We have an inbuilt need to make sense of what we observe, hear, touch, Faith comes into the mix too! Whether it is religious faith or any other type of faith you would wish to describe. We may trust our own judgement or others, but still we can have that nagging doubt… walks hand in hand with faith.

How we each observe the scene above, is entirely unique to us. There are elements that will resonate with all of us, but other elements which indicate our own quirkyness. That is one of the joys of being human.

Belief in God has as many manifestations as there are people. There are common understandings which bring belief together and differences, which can create misunderstanding. The title of this blog describes how I see faith. Taking that step every moment; sometimes with confidence, other times with uncertainty. God always honours our hesitant steps and our bolder vision.

Blessings and Peace be with you..always.

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