It’s not the first time that lone trees have caught my attention. This fine specimen was captured a couple of years ago; pre-pandemic. The more observant will notice that in fact, the tree is not alone completely, and that there are other trees available on a further hill!

During the season of Lent, which we are now passing through, we are encouraged to take moments to reflect on our faith. It’s not a particularly grand ‘shouty’ word, but it sits on its own, like the tree above. Alone, but connected by the landscape.

Your understanding of your faith is utterly unique. There is no blueprint to follow, because we are all coming at it from our own perspective. This changes and moves as we travel through life. In those moments of being alone, which are part of our mental and spiritual landscape, strangely we can become aware of the ‘still small voice’. Alone, but not alone!

God does not shout for our attention, But there are times when I have shouted at God, wondering where I am and questioning what is occuring. Alone, but sustained by the breath of God’s Spirit, reaching both high and low; just like the lone tree. Drawing sustenance from the ground and breathing in the atmosphere. Living, in the given moment.

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