Mixed up

I’ve had some ‘mixed up’ days in recent weeks; trying to make sense of all that is unfolding in the world. Yesterday’s blog was an attempt to use words to express what was moving around my head. It probably didn’t work too well!

This is a ‘mixed up’ scene of grass, sky, trees, and fungi. I have a sense today that in all the complication, stress and challenge, we all face, that God’s profound love for all of creation is at the heart of our existence.

This doesn’t mean that at every moment we are aware of this or resting in it; some days can be difficult to deal with. The photograph is a simple sign of the love of God at the centre of creation.

This doesn’t stop the questioning and the uncertainty. But I’ve had to give myself a good talking to in recent days in order to lift my vision to a different place!

Please be assured of my thoughts and prayers for your journey.

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