Abide; a rich word that gently calls us. The concrete sea wall displays a fracture, but is still connected!

Jesus challenged his disciples, as he does us, to ‘Abide in me, as I abide in you.’ Just let that sentence wash around your conscious thoughts over this weekend.

It speaks of a relationship that is inclusive and without barriers. A soul filling group of words that if we allow, will help us to discover perhaps a new dimension to our faith.

Like the sea wall, we can have that sense of ‘fracture’ , for whatever reason. We can berate ourselves for becoming disconnected, or even blame the one who offers us an ‘abiding’ relationship.

My experience tells me that God never gives up, even if I choose to ‘abide’ in my own self pity. The depth of God’s love never ends.

May your abiding be very special and suprising!!!!

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