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“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” The words of Jesus, recorded by the apostle John.

I’ve always found myself coming back to these words, because they resonate so much with what is deep down in my soul, but which so often I miss during the rush of the day. The words I write each day for this blog, are simply a reflection of what goes on in my head, each day! Often no conclusions, but more questions than answers.

I think this photograph connects today’s blog with what I wrote yesterday about soul thirsting, from the heart of the Psalmist. I love the image of ‘living waters’; not polluted and lifeless, but full of refreshment and life and renewal. A picture of the Holy Spirit, the Refresher and Sustainer of the Living waters that reach our souls every moment of every day; but which we so often miss or ignore or palce to one side!

The problem is, that quite often I ignore this refreshment and get lost in my own worries and fears.

So my promise ‘to self’, is to take a refreshment stop today, even for a few moments, and allow the love of God, through the Holy Spirit, to bathe my heart and soul. By a simple act of invitation.

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