Sea and Skyscape….

A constantly moving scene as sea,sky, and weather interract to create what appears before us! A moment in time from a few weeks ago; delivered to your ‘inbox’ for you to interact with.

The process of me taking or choosing a photograph, and then trying to make some sense of it, constantly thinking about your reaction (!). is quite a journey. Sometimes, choosing the photograph is simple, other times, like this morning, it took some time. Then the choosing of the title, followed by commiting something to words.

Anyway, enough of the process, what am I to say? The whole sense of movement of the air, clouds, sea and the land (which is out of sight; although I stood upon it to take this photograph!) fills me with wonder and thanks to the Creator.

Just to draw in deep breaths, born of the interplay of all the elements. is enough. Deep and meaningful thoughts quite often evade me. But coming back to this scene keeps proding my visual cortex and this lifts my spirit, almost as if I’m held in the arms of the Creator… which of course we all are!

So let the scene work in your own heart and mind and soul and enjoy the priceless blessing in your moment…..

Peace be upon you

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