Reaching out

Photo by Jackson David on

Who is reaching out to who in this photograph? It’s a really interesting question, beacuse there is no definitive answer. A bit like life otself!! We search and search to find answers to questions that may never give us answers. Am I happy with not having the answers, either immediately, or perhaps never?

We live in a tension most of the time, with God saying to us…not yet. I love the juxtaposition of the hands; for me it speaks of a reality…..sometimes I reach out with my soul, like the open hand. God responds by reaching out in response to my movement. Other times it feels as though God is just beyong reach and I have to be content.

Simply because I may be feeling as though there is no repsonse from God, does not mean that he is not present. Quite often, it is more to do with me. I need to open my hands, not keep them shut. Either metaphorically, or in reality!!!

The Lord bless you as you take the steps on your journey.

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