Whale of a time……

Photo by Andre Estevez on Pexels.com

A few days ago a hump backed whale was spotted heading along the coast, accompanied by dolphins. Unfortunately I missed the photo opportunity, so I’m using the image above, from a stock photograph.

The sheer joy of the whale, as it propels its way through the sea and leaps into the air! You can almost feel the exhilaration. It does it because it can!!!

Exuberance is somehow infectious! Sadly, when it comes to faith we can become wary of it; keep everything neat and tidy and manageable. But I bet there have been moments when you have felt the ‘rush’ of God’s spirit in your heart and soul. Almost as if God wishes to suprise us, to change our view or vision.

Perhaps we can take a leaf out of the whale’s book, with its sheer exuberance and joy, and allow ourselves to invite the energising power of the Holy Spirit, to fill our spirit, and expand our horizons!

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