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What a beautifully crafted wall! I have no idea where it is, but whoever created it must have a very meticulous mind. Each stone carefully chosen and crafted to fit carefully with its neighbours.

It’s a kind of parable about how everything fits together with a purpose. The wall might speak to you about a barrier and have some negative undertones. Others might focus entirely on the choice of stones; their colour, shape…thankful for the one who created such a thing!

Sometimes it is difficult to see patterns in our lives, as we look back, or strain forward into the mist! The danger is that we either live in the past or spend our time worrying about tomorrow. What about each moment we exist? Can we possibly ‘dwell’ in this moment and leave the past and stop worrying about the future? Easier said than done I agree, but there is a whole lot of wisdom in living in the time we are given…each moment.

Each element of the wall has a purpose…we too have purpose. This time we are given. The barriers are ours. Take a moment to reflect not on the barrier, but on the gift of the Creator to you, each moment you are held in existence.

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