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Rose windows can be found in churches and cathedrals and more mundane settings. I find them to be endlessly fascinating. The skill of those who first of all made the glass, bringing into reality what others had imagined. The fixing of the individual glass pieces to create a greater picture.

I could sit and contemplate this window for some time! The eye is drawn to the centre but then wanders to the edge. Light, bursting through the darkness, proclaims hope in fear; comfort in sorrow and a vision beyong the ordinary.

We each have our own unique view of the world and this window speaks of the hope even in the middle of difference; togetherness, in difficult times. Light is a unifying thing; why else did Jesus Christ make the bold statement that he was, ‘the light of the world.’? An invitation to explore even in the middle of times of darkness and uncertainty. Your seemingly insignificant light, held in your heart and soul, has the power to not only change you, but to be an offering to others.

The light breaking through to offer a way forward. Taking a small step into the light you see just ahead of you….‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.’

What promise and hope and assurance is ours!

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