There is always a lot of ‘gathering’ going on along the coast. This is a shot I took last year as the geese began to gather, before embarking on their long journey. Theirs is a physical journey and they have had the freedom to move from one place to another, sometimes thousands of miles away.

We have all been unable to travel during ‘lock down’ and to be honest I’ve envied the geese and other animals, who have the freedom to move. We will al have our own stories! But I have been on all kinds of travelling in my heart and soul, which has sometimes been challenging and other times energising!

I like the idea of ‘gathering’, those very special moments when we can sense that connection with God, as we are ‘captured’ by the depth of divine love for us, individually and collectively.

God calls us to the freedom of life everlasting, which begins in the moments and days we pass through, even in fearful and challenging times.

I sense the movement of the Creator in the journey of the geese; as you and I can also experience in our daily moments, wherever we are. We just have to be ‘tuned’ in and open to the generous whisper of Spirit. Simply. as a starting point, being still…even for a minute. Gathered, not split up!

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