The moment

Photo by Daniel Kux on

Each passing moment, in each day, presents us with endless possibilities. During the days of ‘lock down’ we have all had to learn to re-adjust to a different way of living. There are times when this has been difficult. I’m sure you have your own stories, This slightly confusing photograph symbolises the confusion of moments during the pandemic.

As we approach Easter our minds and souls are engaged in a moment by moment search for truth and understanding. I am conscious that the movement of the Holy Spirit in my own soul, guides me through each moment. It is entirely up to you and I to ’embrace’ the moment, when we sense the presence of the love of God through the Holy Spirit.

The droplet of water, ‘frozen’ in time, gets me thinking about the need of spiritual refreshment in each of our lives. God’s desire to heal our souls and hearts.

Why not ask, in the simplicity of a heart-felt cry from your heart?

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