Here’s looking at you!

Photo by Erik Karits on

I couldn’t resist this photograph! It made me smile!

There is that saying; ‘As wise as an owl..’; this particular photograph seems to confirm it! This owl is observing and processing and thinking; or perhaps has fallen asleep with eyes wide open…..

Here is a reflection written by Job in the Old Testament; ‘For he looks to the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens…’ There is a profound reassurance in these words, with the sense that God is intimately bound up in the created world. In these days through which we have passed, these words offer us a view of the Creator which speaks of understanding and engagement.

The owl looks ahead and we look back at it in return. Both sentient beings and part of the wonderful world which we both inhabit!

A moment to celebrate and give thanks…. peace be with you and upon you on your journey!

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