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Here we are….the beginning of Holy Week and a profound moment .

Be it a sunset or sunrise, or any time inbetween, our thoughts move to the events that unfolded as Jesus faced the power of the Roman Empire. A simple carpenter from an obscure town on the edge of empire, seemingly posing a threat.

Humility and truth, weave themselves together and leave us lost for words. This is a time for silence, not words. Although as we begin to picture the events in our own minds we get to reflecting on what it all means.

There’s verse in Isaiah in the Old Testament which describes the ‘man of sorrows,,aquainted with grief…’ . A vision which pointed to the pivotal point of the Son of God, Jesus, taking on the sin of the world. Sorrow describes the heart of God as humanity is observed by the Creator. Not anger, or casting us aside, or giving up on us.

Just let those truths nestle in your heart as Holy Week unfolds. Reflect, put aside internal chatter, stop being harsh on your self. Weep because you are overwhelmed by the Love of God

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