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The time of Holy Week which we are living in at this moment, should be not just be a time to reflect; it should also be a time of rest…for the spirit.

This photograph has many facets, but the overwhelming sense is one of contentement and rest and pausing. Life has been so extraordinary over the past year that we have probably given ourselves little time to process what is happening.

Bound up in resting, is time to connect with our Creator and sustainer, who waits patiently. That still, small voice which is often so imperceptible, often catches us unawares, because it is so unexpected, and is more present in our resting moments!

Even when it is externally quiet, there is a clamour of voices in my consciousness. I try and hold a thought, but quite often I drift off on a train of consciousness that takes me away into more restless thoughts.

‘Be still and know that I am God….‘ Words of the Psalmist and a guide perhaps for each of us in these days through which we travel.

The words invite me to still my chatter, in order to make the connection with God, who has immense patience. Easier said than done, I agree, but a special invitation, which is offered to each of us, without a lot of hoops to jump through!

In this Holy Week, may the Lord bless your journey and give you peace.

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