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Still so much to ponder and understand. I’ve used the word ‘Reach’ for the blog title today. Not simply because we are reaching the end of Holy Week, but because I think it is a very powerful one word descrition of what faith is.

‘Reach’ has connotations of ending, but also of moving out from beyond what is familiar. There have been times during this Holy Week when I’ve just pondered what is happening, or what has been occuring and I’m left, not with answers, but lots of questions. Sometimes the answers don’t come, because we’re asking the wrong questions; other times because there are no answers.

Reach can mean both an ending and beginning. Essentially because they are both part of the weaving together of everything.

As Holy Week continues to move us towards the pain of suffering and death as Jesus reaches the seeming ‘end of the road’. But he was ‘reaching out’ beyond what was immediate, and seemingly the ending. His vision was not limited to what was facing him, but what was beyond. A new beginning.

Take a moment to reach out and hear, reach out and see, reach out in thankfulness.

The Lord bless you and keep you……

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