Photo by Guilherme Rossi on Pexels.com

I’m an impatient waiter! Now there’s a confession!. Be it traffic lights or the arrival of a parcel or a host of other things that will get me all agitated. In the church’s calendar this is a waiting moment. Jesus is laid in the tomb and inwardly we wait with anticipation for the Easter moment.

How it arrives and touches us, cannot be answered. It’s as diverse as we are. The whole Easter story is full of suprises. The biggest one is the moment when inviduals and groups began to see Jesus alive; talking to them, showing the marks of his crucufixion, breaking into their moments and days, as he does today, through the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

We can sit and wait and miss the moment, or we can carry on with hope in our hearts and arms wide open to welcome the Risen Jesus.

Waiting is not wasted time, it is precious time that we may not have again. So make today a productive day, and wait with hope.


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