Living right next to the sea, means that the rhytmn of the tides is a constant backdrop to the day. The movement of the sand and pebbles and rocks, as the tide rolls in and out speaks of the tides and seasons and rhythms of not just nature, but our lives.

The Church’s calendar works on the rhythm of events and moments.. we are in the season of Easter for a period of time. Easter Day is the starting point, not an end point. One of the things about the past year is that we have had to learn to live in the moment. As I took this shot, I was capturing a moment of time.

The rhythm of our days, seconds, minutes, hours, are moments when we can be present or absent. There are distractions aplenty within my day, and I have to learn anew to focus my attention on the moment I have been given by God. With a head full of ‘stuff’ this is not easy. God does not leave us, we leave ourselves, by being distracted and thus miss the moment which is offered to us.

So in essence we need to pick up, or tune in to what is unfolding in our ‘inner life’, and not ignore it bacuse of lack of time or inclination.

Please be assured of my prayers in the rhythm of your day.

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