The juxtaposition of the ruins of Walkworth Castle in Northumberland, with the riot of colour from the daffodils surrounding the Keep is a parable about change and perhaps healing.

The Castle is a sign of the fleeting power of humanity; once the seat of a powerful border Lord, now providing photo opportunities for locals and visitors! There is the offering of human engineering which has lasted for 800 years, but a changed role from what it originally stood for.

For me today, it speaks of change and suprise and perhaps in a strange way, healing. The new life represented by the ‘host of golden daffodils’ surrounding the keep, speaks to me of the need for our hearts to be open to the life enhancing work and blessing of the Holy Spirit. Straight from the heart of God.

Take a moment at some point in your day to reflect upon the picture. I find myself with a whole lot of feelings, predominantly a sense of thankfulness.

The Lord bless your musing!

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