Answers and questions

Photo by Zukiman Mohamad on

Which comes first? I don’t think there is an absolute answer…to what? Answers and questions, of course!

I chose this photograph because I have no idea what it is? You will have your own interpretation, After the events of the first Easter day there was much confusion. Individuals and groups kept seeing the risen Jesus. A period of confusion. Lots of questions, and not many answers..apart from ones that were difficult to believe.

Seeing is not always believing; witness the photograph above! There is always the edginess of uncertainty.

I belive that God is calling each of us to those edgy moments. Because that is what faith is all about; not certainty, but questions, which push us to think differently and not worry about about certainties.

Our thought processes are constantly changing, but deep in the middle of this is that ‘still small voice, not of an easy calm, but of challenge. To look and see and ask and learn and step out; letting the Spirit of all truth speak into the confusion.

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