Remote control..

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Apologies for the lack of a blog yesterday. My computer had been slowing down and needed someone to fix it! The wizard technician was able to remotely take over my computer and through a lot of twists and turns, sorted it all out!!!

Seeing the cursor moving without any input from me, was a lttle disorientating and got me thinking about how life works out. Things happening over the past year of the pandemic, and us being obervers of what has unfolded, without any control most of the time.

It spoke more deeply about how God moves in our lives. Not as the divine keeper of the remote control. or computer screen, but that sense of something ‘undergirding’ all that we are and all that we do.

Those momemts when we do feel lost or drifting, or worrying, are real and visceral in their power. What we need to sense in our moments of uncertainty, are the key strokes of the Divine technician, who is closer to us than often we are to ourselves!

This may seem a little odd as you read it. But take a moment to play with the idea, whilst asking the Creator of all to take the remote control for a space!!!

Peace be with you….

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