Well. not literally! These are, as you may well know, Eider Ducks, otherwise known as ‘Cuddy Ducks. The connection with St Cuthbert and his cell on Inner Farne, keeps them in the public eye. Cuddy is an alternative to Cuthbert!

What ever the stories around these wonderful creatures and their connection with St Cuthbert they are a marvellous part of creation in these parts. We see them almost every day, bobbing around and being ducks!!!

What strikes me this morning, is the way that animals are so closely linked with faith, and particularly with Saints. During the past year, I have had many conversations with others, in which we speak of how the natural world is so vital to our well being. Stopping and listening and hearing. These are not ‘just’ animals, they are part of the story of God’s creation.

I find myself needing to learn how to ‘tune in’ to the natural world; the creative gift of God to each of us. Not taking it for granted. St Francis was able to make that connection and draw strenth and hope from what he saw in the natural world.

Simply, I offer this photograph I took last year, and send it to you for your own reflection and thinking. If it worked for St Cuthbert, let it speak into your heart!

Blessings and peace

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