The setting sun has always drawn my attention. The myriad of changing colours and the blaze of light before the darkness descends. It is so easy to ‘get lost’ in the moment and let your soul be drawn to the Creator of all.

As I write this I seem to have gained a smile! Thankfulness, contentment, the assurance of the creative work of Maker of all. ‘Everyting is held within the love of God’, is what plays in my mind. I want to carry that thought into this day and I offer it to you, for your journey.

One of the most profound times in my life was the realisation that God’s love was infinite; without end or boundary. This is sometimes difficult and unexpected, beacuse we live with boundaries and limits. Sadly we then imprint this on our view of and understanding of God.

Take a moment to catch the implication of what this might mean for you. We live in the boundless love of God, but to be honest I miss it, most of the time. Lets start observing and listening and hearing.

It might change our lives!

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