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Signs are an important part of our lives. Above, is a familiar sign which directs the bus driver to pull in and STOP! I’m reflecting on this because we need to be aware of the need that we have to simply ‘stop’. Even if only for a moment during the day.

It can often feel that stopping is wasted time. We have so much to do, from the moment we get up to the time we sleep. Even then, our dream life can be very busy!!

There are a multitude of signs that God uses in our lives. I’m convinced that they are ‘tailor made’ for each of us. A kind of ‘bespoke communication. from the Creator to the created.

What we are asked to do is to allow ourselves to be in a place where we can ‘tune in’. That is as varied for each of us, and in my experience, it can change during the day.

Yesterday I had a stop moment; it wasn’t a long time, just enough to allow myself yo gain perspective. Allowing God to speak into moments and thoughts and hopes and fears. There was no massive revelation, just that moment of connection. God does’nt move, we do; I do, all the time. Trains of consciousness need to be ‘parked’ and slowed down. A recurring thought may be the stopping moment, that God gives us, and wants us to focus on.

May your ‘stopping moments’ be fruitful!

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